GeonBit.UI – Custom Controls

The GeonBit.UI library for Monogame is quite simply, outstanding. This UI library has proven time and time again that it is simple and intuitive to work with and also powerful enough for pretty much everything I've thrown at it. That includes the development of custom controls and UI elements. For this simple post I'm going … Continue reading GeonBit.UI – Custom Controls


Eden – Modding

Some time ago I loosely implemented a very simple modding system into Eden, then the following day I went nuts with the idea, I'll explain.... The game is data driven with information about all the interesting and relevant things within the game ultimately being loaded from little files that describe all of those interesting things. … Continue reading Eden – Modding

Eden – First Year in Review

Today marks the first year of formal development on Eden. After finding inspiration from a newly released (at the time) early access game called RimWorld and a long-held adoration for Dwarf Fortress I decided it was time to create something. Coincidentally I had just put myself through a pretty good course on Unity but decided due to the … Continue reading Eden – First Year in Review


Multicolored Text

Just yesterday was the release of GeonBit.UI 3.0. Most importantly this release updated the UI framework to using Monogame 3.6 which is the current stable release. However an added benefit of the upgrade to Monogame 3.6 was also the addition of MulticolorParagraph entity, I'd like to talk about both. Upgrading from Monogame 3.5 to 3.6 … Continue reading Multicolored Text