Emergent Gameplay

From my perspective as a game designer/developer, emergent gameplay is the ultimate goal. I want to build a game that I also want to play, where even I as the creator don't know the outcomes and can be surprised by the situations that arise from the things that I've built, that is the topic of … Continue reading Emergent Gameplay


Eden – MagicaVoxel Integration

I have been meaning to experiment with the MagicaVoxel program in relation to rendering worlds in Eden. I scoured the internet looking for a simple little library in C# to make generating MagicaVoxel .vox files quick and easy and couldn't find anything. There is a plethora of importers to other programs so one can create … Continue reading Eden – MagicaVoxel Integration

Multicolored Text

Just yesterday was the release of GeonBit.UI 3.0. Most importantly this release updated the UI framework to using Monogame 3.6 which is the current stable release. However an added benefit of the upgrade to Monogame 3.6 was also the addition of MulticolorParagraph entity, I'd like to talk about both. Upgrading from Monogame 3.5 to 3.6 … Continue reading Multicolored Text


Depth Stencil Peril

Game development is perilous but worth it. After a ridiculous amount of time spent on implementing what amounted to a simple depth stencil I figured I'd pass along a hard fought nugget of knowledge to anyone else finding themselves in the same situation. Quite simply, a depth stencil in graphics programming lingo is the use of … Continue reading Depth Stencil Peril


GeonBit.UI for Monogame

For my first official game development post, I'd like to shine a spotlight on an outstanding library that serves as the backbone of the GUI for the game. I've spent a pretty decent amount of time researching various UI libraries for XNA/Monogame development and while there are many good ones, they were always too large, too … Continue reading GeonBit.UI for Monogame


It Lives!

This is the post excerpt.