Eden – Fluid Mechanics

As Eden begins to mature it is time to start focusing the different mechanical aspects of the game. Today I’ll explain the way liquids work within the worlds of Eden.

Currently there are three types of liquid terrain, water, magma and acid. Each will have their respective uses aside from simply being a part of the physical game world as well. For example, water is necessary for life, so the creatures in the game will require water in order to survive. Magma will be utilized in the smelting process to produce metals and acid will be needed for use in alchemy. While they each have their uses, they are also dangerous in their own ways; when submerged in water, air breathing creatures cannot breath, magma will destroy and set fire to most things and acid is corrosive and destructive as well.

Small pools of water, magma and acid nestled between rock and dirt

These liquid terrain types are created at world generation and will by default be encased within solid world terrain to creates pools, lakes, etc. The reason I mention this is because in Eden, liquids are abstractly simulated, as such they have volume and they can move, unlike say a mountain.

In Eden, liquids such as water will move around to contain empty space if given the opportunity. If the player designates a section of ground to be dug out adjacent to some water (or lava or acid, etc.) then water will rush into the emptied out space to fill it. This simple mechanic provides a wealth of opportunities for design (and danger!) to the player. One important aspect to this, where water is concerned is the simple concept of irrigation. For example the player may dig out channels to divert water from a nearby lake with which to irrigate some farming area they’ve created.

By the same token, the devious player will seize the opportunity to create torture rooms or otherwise harm or kill would-be intruders with magma traps, acid rooms and the like. Through the variety of mechanisms and other objects available within Eden, it’s all possible. I’ll be talking more about such mechanisms in a future post.

For now though, I’ll talk about one such mechanism, the pump. A pump simply pumps a liquid from a lower elevation level to a higher one, in this way the player has the ability through pumps to move liquids ‘up’ in the world. Let’s imagine you have need for magma, and the nearest magma is many levels below the surface. Through a series of carefully constructed pumps the player is able to pump that magma up to the surface where it can be used for good (or bad) reasons. The same concept certainly applies to water and acid or any other liquids that might be introduced into the game at a later point.

A couple of active pumps pumping water into a small cistern

No matter what you choose to do with available water, magma or acid in your world, you should do so cautiously as an unconstrained river of magma will surely spell doom for anyone or anything caught in its wake.

Magma setting fire to a forest

The following is a fun little GIF of such unconstrained magma destruction in real time.


Eden is still in active development and anything stated in these posts is subject to change.


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