Voxels in Games and Art

Ever since the explosion of Minecraft on the gaming community I feel as though the term 'voxel' has become a hot topic. It's easy to think this is a new concept or terminology but it isn't. It goes way back to the early days of computing and graphics processing and is not exclusive to the domains of … Continue reading Voxels in Games and Art


Generating Terrain with Noise

It occurred to me recently that it was time to improve the terrain/world generation in Eden. Up to this point, believe it or not, I was getting by with some homemade algorithms that created enough variety early on in development to be useful. Now however, as the game is maturing, I needed more realistic looking … Continue reading Generating Terrain with Noise

Spritesheets, Padding, Sampling & Packing

Oh my there's a lot going on in that title, I should probably break it down! Spritesheets When considering 2D game development, almost everyone knows (or will soon learn) that when developing a 2D game, you are dealing with sprites (small little 2D images). Each sprite is it's own little image file, and you are … Continue reading Spritesheets, Padding, Sampling & Packing


Multicolored Text

Just yesterday was the release of GeonBit.UI 3.0. Most importantly this release updated the UI framework to using Monogame 3.6 which is the current stable release. However an added benefit of the upgrade to Monogame 3.6 was also the addition of MulticolorParagraph entity, I'd like to talk about both. Upgrading from Monogame 3.5 to 3.6 … Continue reading Multicolored Text