Depth Stencil Peril

Game development is perilous but worth it. After a ridiculous amount of time spent on implementing what amounted to a simple depth stencil I figured I'd pass along a hard fought nugget of knowledge to anyone else finding themselves in the same situation. Quite simply, a depth stencil in graphics programming lingo is the use of … Continue reading Depth Stencil Peril


Marketing Your Game – Promo Shots

I'm terrible at marketing. I'm also not very good at graphic design, which is usually an important part of marketing. Being terrible at these two things can make it pretty difficult to create any kind of wiz-bang eye-catching promotion shots when attempting to Greenlight your game and garner interest. Since I'm terrible at graphic design and Eden … Continue reading Marketing Your Game – Promo Shots

Death, Risk & Reward

I'm going to take a little diversion this time and talk about a concept completely separate from Eden (plug!). I thought I'd delve into the world of death and punishment in relation to gaming. Specifically I'm talking about the ways in which different games handle dying and the associated costs to the player. If I … Continue reading Death, Risk & Reward


Game Editors

Today Larian Studios a company I have held deep respect for many years dropped a bombshell on the gaming community and raised the bar for future game development, they released their Game Master Mode. Other than Neverwinter Nights by Bioware, I can't think of too many games that have actively set out to release in-game … Continue reading Game Editors


Context-Sensitive Help in Games

In the world of digital games context-sensitive help is rare and while it is true that not all games need it, many would in fact still benefit from it. Recently I pulled a page from an old but coveted game I'm very fond of known as Master of Magic. This is a game that was … Continue reading Context-Sensitive Help in Games